Silver + Salt is now Stórica Studio


Ten years ago, I embarked on a journey to become a jeweler. Those early lessons at my kitchen table turned into a dream to have my own jewelry studio. And so, I started a business and I named it Silver + Salt. You can read a little more about the origins of the name in this blog post I wrote about 5 years ago. 

My business and I have both changed alot over the last 10 years. The forced solitude of the pandemic shut down forced me to really think about what I loved most about my business and shifted my inspiration. I never envisioned making fine jewelry & working with antique diamonds. I didn't imagine that I would be designing engagement rings that would turn into family heirlooms. The more my creative vision as a jeweler & business owner evolved, the more I felt like the brand Silver + Salt no longer told the story that I wanted written. 

I resisted these feelings for the last couple of years. I was scared and intimidated by the idea of rebranding and changing my name to something new. It felt like starting over. But, the truth is that nothing in life is without risk. Evolution is a part of life. Embracing the need to change is a powerful act. 

And so, Silver + Salt has evolved to become Stórica Studio. 

Why Stórica Studio? When I set out to choose a new name for my business, I thought a lot about how my creative vision has changed over the years. One of the things that I feel most passionate about as a jeweler is the history that our materials hold within them. The metals & gemstones that we use were formed in the earth hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years ago. The diamond I might choose for an engagement ring may have been mined and cut by hand over 100 years ago and then been passed down from generation to generation only to find its way onto my workbench to be made into something new. The new piece of jewelry that I make writes the next chapter of that gem's story. And so it goes until maybe that diamond is lost to the earth once more.

Stórica pays homage to the history held within each piece and the new chapters that you will write with that special piece of jewelry as a part of your life.

What does this all mean? Well, we aren't changing anything about what we do. We will still be making the same style of jewelry. We will still be doing custom work. We will still be welding bracelets & having a great time doing it. 

But, what you will see is us increasing our focus on post-consumer diamonds & gemstones. You'll hear us talking a lot more about where our materials come from and what that means. We are going to work even harder to help you make your old jewelry new again by repairing and redesigning those pieces to give them new life. 

Jewelry is about more than shine and sparkle. Jewelry is precious because of its materials and because of the meaning you give it through the memories you make while wearing it. 

Here's to another decade of writing those stories with you!