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All That Shines


Glimmering Garnet

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Alluring Amethyst

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Aquamarine Attraction

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Diamond Dazzlers

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Enticing Emeralds

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Pearl & Moonstone & Alexandrite Beauty

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Ruby Radiance

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Peridot Pleasers

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Stunning Sapphires

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Opulent Opals & Colorful Tourmaline

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Topaz Temptations & Citrine Dreams

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Turquoise, Tanzanite and Topaz

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The 4C's of DIAMONDS

Carats, cuts, clarity and colors—our brilliant diamonds radiate in a class of their own.

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What are salt & pepper dimaonds?

Learn more about these remarkable and unique diamonds also known as "galaxy diamonds".

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Antique Diamond Cuts

Old mine cuts, old European cuts and more—antique diamonds are recyclable gems.

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How to Read a Diamond Grading Report

Learn about the information contained in a Diamond Grading Report.

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A World of Color

Learn about the different parts of the world where sapphires are mined and the colors they are most known for.

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What's the Deal with Heat?

What's the difference between heat treated and non-heat treated sapphires? Is one better than the other?

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Consciously Crafted

One of our three organizational pillars, we strive to design with known-origin materials that adhere to the guidelines of the Kimberely Process. As we conciously craft your next piece, we emphasise the importance of reusing and recycling precious gemstones and metals. It is our ultimate goal to alleviate the burden on our jewelry supply chain and protect our environment.

Origin Matters

Ethically sourced, origin-known gemstones and metals protect the environment and the people involved in the mine-to-market process so that you feel confident about the designs you wear.

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How We Source our Gemstones

Cultivating strong relationships with vendors based on shared values is part of how we ensure we are sourcing ethically and responsibly.

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About our Metals

Learn about the metals we use and how we source them to ensure your jewelry is made with environmental and social responsbility at the forefront.

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Buying Guides

We've compiled our most frequently asked questions into compelling educational resources. Of course if you'd still love to chat, so would we!

Sizing Up Solitaires

Want to buy that beautiful ring but don't quite know if it'll fit on your finger? We explain the ins and outs of band sizing and we'll even ship you a ring sizer free of charge!

Complimentary Ring Sizer

Go the Distance

We go to great lengths to make your experience at Stórica Studio—and the designs you wear—as comfortable as possibe. Personalize your style by mixing and matching similar chains in a variety of sizes.

Choose a Chain Length

Sparkling Clean

Don't settle for drab when you can easily achieve bright, glowing jewelry in your daily and evening wear.

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Rewarding Appraisals

Did you inherit a diamond in the rough or a cubic zirconia? Appraising your jewelry can be a significant investment in your life story.

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