Consciously Crafted

Jewelry can be made in many different ways, but we choose to work with local partners who responsibly contribute to our community. We make deliberate decisions based on our values and customer feedback, like sourcing ethical, known-origin gemstones and recycled metals.

Made for All

Jewelry can be worn by anyone, anywhere, at any time—and we hope our customers own pieces that bring them unbridled joy. Our jewelry designs feature unexpected combinations that speak to a personal style that can be worn by you, him and her.

Women + Minority Owned

Born in Puerto Rico, owner and jewelry designer Christine Heidel moved to the mainland shortly after birth. Now settled in the Pacific Northwest, Christine operates a fully women-operated, working studio showroom in the historic Maritime Building on Western Ave.

Hi, I'm Christine!

Back in the early 2000’s, I was working as a technology program manager. While I was good at my job, I was pretty unhappy. I knew that I wanted to make something more than emails and task lists, so I decided to see what else I could do.

Over the next many years, I tried my hand at different expressions of art. I sat at a potter’s wheel, sewed some new clothing and crafted designs out of paper. I attempted wedding planning and side hustled photography. I even owned a small art gallery. On one remarkable day in late 2013, I experimented with jewelry making. I felt the magic of putting flame to metal and I knew I was home.

I was completely enamored with every facet of making jewelry—from the raw beauty of unearthed gemstones and the power of forging metal to the pure delight of seeing my vision come to life. I studied. I practiced. In 2018, I opened my first working studio showroom in Pike Place Market.

As our brand grew, a new space was essential. Now located in the Maritime Building on the southwest corner of Western Ave and Madison in downtown Seattle, Stórica Studio is as much a showroom as it is an experience. It is a consciously crafted locale that best expresses my design process.

As you enter, you are welcomed into an environment where our jewelry is sold—and, most importantly, made. Our hands, covered in metal dust, craft your next custom piece of jewelry. Our workbenches, decorated with tools, chain links and fresh creations, are open to our showroom floor. Our finished, bespoke designs await for you to try on—and take home.

Our gemstones are unique with color, history and origin stories. Our pieces are fairly priced.

My showroom studio is welcoming to all—because everyone deserves the opportunity to own jewelry that brings them unbridled joy.

Meet Our Team


Production Manager + Lead Jeweler


Repair Coordinator + Bench Jeweler


Sandcasting Specialist + Bench Jeweler


Client Relations Manager


Bespoke Operations Manager


Welded Jewelry + Sales Specialist