About Us

Hi, I'm Christine!

Back in the early 2000s, I was working as a technology program manager and, while I was good at my job, I was pretty unhappy. I knew that I wanted to make something more than email and task lists, but I didn’t know what.

Over several years, I tried my hand at so many different expressions of art & craft. I tried pottery, sewing, paper making, wedding planning, & photography. I tried owning a small art gallery. One day in late 2013, I decided to try making jewelry. The moment I experienced the magic of putting flame to metal, I knew I was home.

I was utterly enraptured with every part of making jewelry – from the raw beauty of gemstones formed by the earth to the power expressed by forging metal to the pure delight of seeing my vision made into reality. I studied and I practiced and in 2018, I opened my first studio & showroom.

My goal as a jeweler was always to have a showroom like no other. When you walk into Stórica Studio, you are welcomed into the place where the jewelry is made. You can see us at our workbenches, our hands covered in metal dust as we craft your perfect piece of jewelry.

I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to own jewelry that brings them unbridled joy and I can’t wait to welcome you to write your story with us..