We believe that jewelry is not just about carats and karats. It's a form of self-expression. It shows off personalities and carries treasures from the past. Jewelry symbolizes relationships of love and holds tight to those who leave their imprints in our soul. As you journey through the moments of joy and remembrance, Stórica Studio is here to help your visions become celebrations of life.

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Working with your vision, goals and budget in mind, the fun begins with all of the beautiful details going into the piece. We'll also share if your jewelry will be designed by hand or created through CAD software programming.


We believe in sharing the journey of origin-based gemstones and metals so you feel confident about the designs you'll be wearing. From the mine to your jewelry box, your new Stòrica Studio piece will become your own story.


From idea to finished piece, we work with you to create the custom look you've envisioned. We help you source gemstones and metals you may want to include, or refresh and upcycle heirlooms that you already own.

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The timeline for a bespoke piece of jewelry depends on the individual piece and our current workload. Ideally, allow about 7-9 weeks for your design to come to life, although some projects can be completed in a few as 4 weeks.

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Custom jewelry projects can range dramatically in price depending on the intricacy of design and materials used. We do our best to help you design a bespoke piece that fits within your budget and realizes your vision.

Not in Seattle?

If you aren't local to Seattle, that's okay! We have experience working with customers remotely and are happy to chat with you via email, phone or video call. Fill out the form below to bring your next bespoke design to life.